Big life change 10/07/2017


As some of you may already know due to my announcement on the AWOTI FB page earlier today, I lost my job today. I dont want to get into specifics since I dont want people to figure out who my employer was etc, but what I can say was that this is the result of a multitudes of breaks I’ve had to take recently (the trip to Morocco, being stuck in Paris for an extra 9 days, breaks I took when we moved place & the many times I couldnt do the work due to my unstable health). This creates a lot of changes and a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment as while I try to look for a new job, a job that fits my needs and limitations (I’ve been working from home for 5+ years) I don’t know how I will make it financially both in regardless to the basic things we all have to pay, rent, bills, necessities, but also all things relating to my health like medication and appointments with healthcare professionals. This is me asking for your help and support, both emotionally as well as financially, as I try to figure it out. Consider becoming a Patron to my Patreon, or donating to my PayPal to ensure that the page is kept up as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue if I am obligated to get a 9-5 job out of my house, and see how that affects my health, and how I used to live/freelance.



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