Morocco Trip Update 02/03/2017

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a game, a while since I’ve taken the time to sit down and properly write something, whether it be a review or an update. Over two months ago I created a fundraiser in order to get people to help me get to my grandmother in Morocco, after I was given the news that her health was declining even further, and after I was finally offered information I had been looking for for the past 6 years, like her location (ish, it’s hard to get the address of someone who lives out of the city, out of the grid, and who, well, doesn’t have an address). After two month, the original goal was reached and I was able to purchase tickets. Since then there’s been some complications, the cost of avoiding the U.S. as well as U.S. airspace for my safety, my miscalculation of our budget and how much I underestimated the cost of hotels and riads in Morocco (or is it particular to Rabat, I’m not sure). Since, I’ve raised the goal, but still, I am profoundly grateful to the people who donated, who 100% made this trip possible, who paid for my tickets and so much more, who did so much more than they can possibly understand.

I have been writing, not as much as I hoped for considering the amount of stressed that has claimed home atop of my shoulders, but I am writing. May is still over two months away, and so there is some times left for me to seek a place to stay (as well as start apartment hunting in my own city) and a mountain of others things such as insurances and medication I need to order, purchase and get a green light on in order to travel with overseas, two months is a good amount of time to wrap things up, and at the same time, I will be writing.

Btw yes, I’m still doing my whole hair in natural state challenge & it’s now been 2 months

As stated, the goal for the fundraiser has been raised and I invite anyone who hasn’t participated yet who still wishes to, to check it out. There is not much left but whatever has been amounted since will help pay for a place for me to stay, and for a lot of papers I’ve had to fill in and get in order to safely travel and be allowed back into Canada. Someone recently asked during my last Q&A what I would do in an instance where there is extra money from the fundraiser, and to be honest, I just want to take my grandmother out for lunch or supper, extra funds or not, as I am hyper aware that these 4 days and a half will be my very last with her.

If you want to participate, share, or anything else, here is the link to the fundraiser.

Much love, Aurelie.

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