A Woman on the Internet Reviews Punky Pins


A while ago I discovered the Instagram account Punkypins and fell in love with their pins, whether purposely feminist or not, they were all amazing, puns, references to Clueless and avocado all made me double tap one picture after the other. A few days ago I took the liberty to contact Punkypins and they were kind enough to send me a package to review considering that this is a feminist blog and, once again, their feminist pins & patches are everything.

PrtScr capture44

As stated on their website: “The Punky Pins range of products are handmade to the highest quality and are expected to pass various quality control checks before they are dispatched.”


I talked to someone at Punkypins on June 8th and received my package on the 14th. Considering how used I am for packages to arrive only after 2 weeks I was very surprised at how quickly it arrived. It all came in a slim package and had the cutest paper & sticker with “Be awesome” on it.


Each pin as well as the one patch I was sent were careful placed into plastic bags, safely pinned, clean and without a single scratch on them. From the moment I laid eyes on them I fell in love with every single one of them.


Feminist & Proud can be found here


Pro cats can be found here


End Cat Calling can be found here


Girl Gang can be found here


Feminist & Proud, the patch can be found here

In the end, I was incredibly excited to receive this package, I almost died when I opened it, and I cannot wait to pin all of these on my jacket and adorn the Feminist & Proud pink patch. This has confirmed to me that this company is awesome, they were friendly, it was fast, clean, and now I want to order every single pin & patch.

definitely make sure to go check out Punkypins’s website right here, browse through the awesome and vast selection of pins, jewelry, patches and stickers and make sure to tag me in your pictures when you share the things you receive! Thank you so much at the folks at Punkypins for sending me these! They are amazing, keep up the great work!

Now I just need the avocado pin…

PrtScr capture

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