A Woman on the Internet Reviews Banished


Big shout out to my girl Felicia Day for being the one who made me discover Banished!


Banished is a city building and managing simulation game developed by Shinning Rock Software. In Banished you guide a group of outcasts as they build a band new village and help them settle and grow as a community. Banished is one of the best city simulation I have ever played right up there with Cities: Skyline, but with a completely different genre. In the game, you have to manage the collecting and distribution of goods, food, tools as well as things such as firewood that are necessary for the survival of each and every one of your citizen. It gets cold, sometimes the food gets low, and people age and die, and all of these things are things that you need to keep an eye on, as well as whether or not your citizens are happy enough to procreate and thus expending your population. Banished isn’t a particularly easy game, or rather, I’d say that it can be quite the challenge. You can choose the zoning of your village, the size of the map, the temperate, as well as the difficulty, but even the lowest can still offer you some challenges. It took me a while to get a hold and a good understanding of the mechanism in Banished, but when you do, the game works great and the soundtrack becomes almost therapeutic.


As stated, although Banished can be assumed to be a straightforward, simple simulation and managing game, do not be fooled, as it also is way up there with Cities: Skyline in terms of how complicated and messy it can get if you do not pay enough attention, especially in the winter. Jobs need to be assigned and certain buildings needs to be built in appropriate places, such as the hunter’s cabin, the gatherers etc Do not dismiss the importance of food because your townspeople will die of starvation rather quickly.


All in all, now that I have figured out (or at least think I have) how Banished works, I look forward to push my population to the highest numbers and observe where things go. It is a game that I adore, that is incredibly fun and entertaining and that I would recommend to any and all lover of simulation games.

10/10 – Absolutely amazing game, for the very fair price of 21.99CA

Available on:

PC: Here or Here

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Twitch: https://goo.gl/ztVbRE
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