We are our worse critiques when we should be our best of friend: The Path to self-love

IMG_20160423_211913We are our worse critiques when we should be our best of friend: The Path to self-love
By Aurelie Nix


“Every time someone compliments me, I just laugh because I’m totally a potato and I’m fooling all of you with my mad makeup skills (eyeliner only took 2 hours to perfect)

Point is, I truly appreciate compliments, it makes me smile, helps me remember that I’m not what I think I am when I look in the mirror, and it encourages me to take care of myself, not to look pretty, but to feel pretty, both with and without a face full of makeup. Both of these pictures are pictures of me. Both were taken on the same day. I am 100% the same person in both. Often times we will compare ourselves to people without knowing the time & work it may have taken them to look the way they do in certain pictures or in person. Makeup, lighting, posture etc. It has taken me years to reach the point I am at today where I rarely ever put on makeup because of a sense of obligation, but rather, because I like it and find it therapeutic. This has taken me years of my life of surrounding myself with the good type of people, being in a healthy, positive and supportive relationship, talking about my issues and my trauma, and simply learning to love the face I wake up with. You may look at me and, even after all this, still are comparing yourself to me, please don’t. Beautify is entirely subjective and the first self to learning to love the person in the mirror, is to start loving the person that’s inside you right now. Be your best friend, be your ultimate lover, caress your body and hold your own hand, that face is yours and it is beautiful. That body contains your soul, and it matter infinity, make love to your insistance.

I love you.”

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