A Woman on the Internet Reviews A Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4: Book of the Stranger


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Oh god, alright, let me just gather myself before I begin. It’s going to be difficult for me not to jump right to the ending of this episode because that is all that I want to talk about, but there were a lot of things in last night’s episode that was absolutely wonderful. There are a lot of issues with Game of Thrones as a whole series, since season 2 to the end of season 5, I won’t get into that because that is an entirely different (and terribly long) subject, but last night’s episode, even with all of Game of Thrones’s flaws: gave me hope for the series.

So let’s do this.

We begin the episode once again with Jon at the wall, and literally as I sighed of boredom at Jon & Edd’s manly conversation about how he should stay or not stay, Sansa and Brienne walk into Castle Black accompanied by Podrick who doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of lines these days Sansa and Jon see one another and behold: I bawled like a baby. This was something I had been waiting for for a very long time, Sansa meeting SOMETHING that cares and knows her, not just a rescuing, but Sansa being in a place that is safe, or rather, safer than she has been in so long. As their eyes meet, the theme song of Winterfell in all it’s sadness begins, and they both embrace one another. It honestly is hard not to cry.

PrtScr capture_2

The scene moves to another location and they both have a touching conversation about how they should have never leftWinterfell, their regrets, the people, children, they used to be. (Sansa finally admits she was quite awful) It’s cute. The soup is good but the ale is shit. Although they both agree to stay with one another, Sansa expresses her desire (and the importance) of taking back their home, taking back Winterfell. But Jon is tired of fighting, he is tired of waging war. Sansa’s line about how she will take Winterfell herself is needed reminded me of how much she has changed.

PrtScr capture

There is a brief scene where Melisandre and Davos talk (or rather, argue like an old couple) until my girl Brienne walks by and takes the time to lay down her badassery. Brienne gives an amazing speech of her pledge to Renly, his murder to blood magic (as she looks at Melisandre) right before letting them know that she is the one who executed Stannis. Brienne gives the side eye to Melisandre who kind of shits herself under her red robe. There were butterflies in my stomach.

PrtScr capture_3
Brienne will fuck you up, Misandre

Littlefinger aka “Uncle Petyr” shows up and we get to see a taller, older what’s-his-name Robin Arryn who continues to be creepy as fuck. The scene serves as a way to remind us of the newly acquired power & control Littlefinger now has, being Robin’s uncle/father-in-law and all. I didn’t care too much about the scene but it was a good reminder of the things to watch out for. It is made clear that Petyr is aware of Sansa’s escapes and I believe we can assume that the Knights of the Vale will be fighting by her side/for her. I’m intrigued.

My dislike of Tyrion continues to grow, and I continue to be unsure if that is intended or if the show runners really think that everything that Tyrion does or say is cool and absolutely A-OK. Misandei and Grey Worm’s own dislike of Tyrion also is growing, as well as their comfort in express mistrust in Tyrion and his decisions. Tyrion is about to meet and have a casual talk with the slaves of Daenerys’s previously liberated cities, and he attempts to explain his reasoning and his wits to them. There is a line that made me furious. Tyrion says: “We enter these negotiations with open eyes, trust me, my own recent experience with slavery has taught me the horror of this institution” My bae Misandei very quickly replies “How many days were you a slave?” Tyrion’s awkward silence and his clumsy response that it was long enough to know (err, nope) made me even more angry that Misandei and Grey Worm have to deal with any of his shit and follow his commands. “Not long enough to understand”, she says. The scene with the slavers is uncomfortable and it is made clear not only by Misandei and Grey Worm’s facial expressions and body language but because I, too, was super uncomfortable. In short, Tyrion understands how inconvenient it is to give freedom to people so he gives the slavers a “short” period of adjustment. As Misandei later says to Tyrion, 7 years isn’t short for a slave. So Tyrion ends the conversation with smiles and gives them…prostitutes, most likely slaves as well. The people of Mereen aren’t happy and neither am I. I can’t wait to see how Daenerys will react to that.

PrtScr capture_7
White people & their white nonsense

In the meanwhile, Jorah and Daario are having an awkward small talk as Daario apparently feels the need to remind Jorah that he gets to fuck Daenerys and he doesn’t. It’s gross and not very entertaining. As they decide to look for Daenerys at nightfall and get rid of their weapons, Daario notices Jorah’s arm and the Greyscale that continues to grow. Nobody cares.

As they are busy punching their chests and comparing masculinity, back at the Dosh Khaleen, we meet Lahzareen, a Khaleesi too, who was married at 12 years old to another rapist and abusive Khal who died four years after. Dany and Lahzareen get to bond a bitast they go out to get some water, where they are met  by Jorah and Daario, but Daenerys isn’t leaving, she has a plan.

PrtScr capture_9
Emilia Clarke had a reeeeeally nice wig on for this episode

Back in King’s Llanding we follow Margery as she talks to High Sparrow and by the old god and new, organised religion is a fucking bummer to everybody. Margery is allowed, after a long conversation about how sex, alcohol, money, power and basically anything that is nice is absolutely evil and sinful and whatnot, to see her brother, Loras. As they embrace, she urges him to stay strong, but Loras isn’t Margery and Loras is broken. At the same time, Tommen tells Cersei that he has met the High Sparrow as well as the things they talked about, which causes Jaime and her to go back to the small council to tell Olenna and Mace Tyrell that Margery has accepted to repent for her sins, they all come together and decide that it is time to attack the High Sparrow.

PrtScr capture_10

Theon finally has returned to the Iron Islands but his welcome isn’t exactly welcoming. Yara questions the reasons behind Theon’s returns and reminds him of what he cost her for not leaving with her when she attempted to rescue him. Ultimately, she allows him to speak and a broken, tired, traumatized Theon not only apologises, but also assures Yara that she believes that she should be the one ruling the Iron Islands.

PrtScr capture_11
Poor Theon

Back up north, Ramsay continues to be evil personified because; reasons. Osha is given to him, clearly to be raped, and as she talks to him, unimpressed by his ultimate evilness (I’m not impressed either, I’m just bored) they kiss and he kills her with a knife before she does so to him. I wish I could say that I was surprised but I’m not, I just wish Osha would have gotten a better death.

PrtScr capture_12

At the wall, Brienne, Sansa, Jon, Edd and Tormund are having an hilariously awkward but funny meal. Sansa is clean and sweet, Tormund seem to have his eye on my girl Brienne, and then Jon gets a letter from Winterfell aka the Boltons. The letter is chilling. It announces that Rickon is held captive and demands that Sansa be returned. It also contains graphic threats of how he will have his men rape Sansa and that his dogs will eat Rickon, Jon is unable to finish the letter, but Sansa is quick to take it from his hand and finish it, reading aloud rape threats of her rapist and abuser. She tells Jon once again that they have to go and take Winterfell back, not only because it is their home, but now because their brother is held captive and that have to save him, no matter what. I fills me with so many emotions to see Stark children together, alive and strong.

PrtScr capture 15

I never thought I’d day this but: FINALLY, we get back to Daenarys. The Khals are having a meeting and they receive Daenarys in order to decide what to do with them. The second that the Dosh Khaleen leave, the rape threats and dehumanization starts, and Daenarys stays silent as the men try to decide what to do with her. Sell her as a slave, rape her, so many options. With a smile on her face, she asks if they are going to ask her what she thinks of it. As the Khal listen to her amused and annoyed, throwing rape threats at her and such, Dany walks around the temple reminiscing of her lovely baby shower when she ate a horse’s heart and Khal promised her that her son would be the stallion that conquers the world. She tells them that they aren’t good enough to lead, but she is, and so, she will, and then she burns the whole temple down with herself in it. I was so incredibly into this scene, as Emilia Clarke smiled at the Khals, unfazed by their disgusting words, and then at the fire that surrounded them, and her. This is the Daenarys that I have missed, this is the Daenarys Stormborn that I have always wanted to see. A lot could be said on whether this happens in the book or can happen at all. After all, we don’t know all that much about whether or not Dany is immune to fire or if it was a one-time thing, as a lot of people think. After all, in the books, one instance read “Her skin was pink and tender, and a pale milky fluid was leaking from her cracked palms, but her burns were healing.” Which meant that Dany may have a resistance to fire, but not an immunity. But at the same time, in the book, this also was said “death paid for life” which could be a hint that Daenary’s invulnerability must be paid for by life, as Khal’s death paid for her dragon’s and her invulnerability, and the burning Khals could be another payment. I am very down with that idea.

PrtScr capture_14

This scene with Daenerys reminded me of a lot of what I felt when reading A Song of Fire and Ice, and Dany’s POVs. It was amazing, and as Daenerys stepped out of the burning temple, naked, with the Dothrakis bowing down to her as well as Jorah and Daario, her face is strong and she looks on. If Daenerys now had the power of the Dothraki, there is very little that could stop her.

10/10 – Best episode of the season so far, with Daenerys’s scene being my absolute favorite scene out of everything I have seen in Game of Thrones since the very beginning.



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8 thoughts on “A Woman on the Internet Reviews A Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4: Book of the Stranger

  1. Book Tyrion is my favorite character with Dany as a very close second. I don’t know what they’re doing with show Tyrion. Honestly, his interactions with Misssandei and Grey Worm afterwards reminded me of how people react to being called out on their privilege. I also heard a review today that pointed out the hypocrisy of deriding slavery when you grew up at the top of a feudal system, since in many ways they’re different in name only. Missandei was absolutely right to ask him how long he’d been a slave, as Grey Worm was in justified in his anger that Tyrion had put him on the spot.


    • Book Tyrion is far sketchier and morally compromised than Show Tyrion, so I’m glad they are having him do something the fans won’t like. I do think, given they had Grey Worm and Missendai *immediately* call him out on it, that we are intended to view it as him not really getting it because he’s a privileged son of a rich family.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do like that they aren’t going with the whole white savior, Tyrion is amazing and everything is says is perfect and so wise type of thing, I complain, but I like characters that are complex and assholes, create tension and make me think. So far it has helped us disagree with Tyrion and pay attention to Misandei


  2. 1 – Sansa and Jon at The Wall Was glad to see this, and teared up some. I do like that Jon has done nothing but fight and wants no more of it, while Sansa is growing into wanting to fight back. It’s an interesting dynamic. I still wanted a Sansa who learned how to play things Littlefinger style, and we are maybe seeing a bit of that with her expecting Jon to be able to rally the North. I’m ok with “we take it back” Sansa, but I want her more clever and knowing how the Game of Thrones is played. (Which is more the way I saw her evolving in the book, but the Ramsey detour to her story doesn’t let them do that anymore, I guess.)

    2. Brienne vs Melisandre Yes, please. I will happily watch that either build to a confrontation or a really strained alliance.

    3. Littlefinger in The Vale Good to see him back, let’s hope they have an actual plot idea here that makes sense. If he does bring the Vale into it, Sansa is going to need to outwit him to take them over. If that’s the end game on this little exchange, and the beginning of the Student Surpassing the Master, that works for me.

    4. Tyrion and the Slavers As mentioned above, I think we’re supposed to recognize he’s doing something ugly here. To be fair, the Showrunners *love* Tyrion a lot and have sanded off a lot of his sketchier elements from the book, so it is possible we are supposed to think he’s awesome here. But I don’t think that’s the case. I am intrigued that we didn’t hear Varys comment on any of this at all.

    5. Jorah and Darrio measure their dicks This whole storyline has been a waste of time, we could have had one scene of them following in the first episode and then just had them show up here. The only element remotely valuable is Daario basically coming across like he thinks he is Dany’s equal in some way because she’s sleeping with him and realizing how much that isn’t the case at the end.

    — Brief side note. Dany says she has to make water, which is code for go take a piss.

    6. Lannister and Tyrell vs The Faith Militant/ Cersei and Oleanna on the same page should scare whoever is up against them. I can’t help thinking that one of them is already planning to turn on the other, though. The Tyrell army in the city means the Tyrells control the city. Or, Cersei is setting them up to be so exhausted from fighting the Faith Militant that they can be trapped and cut down by the Goldcloaks when they let their guard down. There is the possibility that instead it just turns into an up and up civil war of the nobles vs the religious peasantry, though.

    7. Theon Backs his Sister Needed to set up the Moot, I guess, and works as something of a redemption arc for Theon. As long as he doesn’t end up King, I’m mostly ok with this.

    8. Ramsey and Osha While we’ve discussed how bored I am with Ramsey, this bugged me somewhat less. Since they specifically played it off of the fact she used sex with Theon to plan her escape, this came off as less cartoonish “SuperRamsey” than usual.

    9. Dinner at The Wall This was cute, and Tormund eyeing Brienne was funny, especially if you remember he is supposed to have a thing for Giant Women. I don’t know if I actually want to see it go anywhere, but it was fun to watch this once. IIRC, the letter comes before Jon gets stabbed in the books, and actually it is the fact Jon decides to take up arms with the Wildlings and fight the Boltons that is what finally gets him killed for abandoning his oath. I like that more, but this worked too (especially Sansa being willing to read it and calling on him to raise the North). In the end, I guess the only real plot point is the battle to take back Winterfell and how it dovetails with the Prophecy, so it doesn’t really matter how we get there.

    10. The Unburnt So they seem to have pretty clearly gone all in on Dany’s fire immunity. I like the idea of it being tied to death though. Someone/something needs to be sacrificed for her to pull this kind of thing off. As I think I’ve mentioned, I still think Dany ends up as a villain in the end, too in love with her own idealism, her role as a chosen one, and her power to let it go when she needs to. Her instinct is to burn it down, and I suspect she ends up nearly destroying the world trying to save it. (I know I am wildly in the minority on this.) But that last scene, with everyone bowing and even cocky Daario suddenly realizing what he’s really dealing with and dropping to his knees was pretty amazing.


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