Gotopless, yet another transphobic page


So today, the pro #freethenipple facebook page thought it would be totally awesome, and 100% okay to share this picture.


I could go on and on about all of the things that are really fucked up with this, but I think that trans people are the ones we should listen to. I definitely encourage you to check out Kat Blaque’s responce (that I which I could link you to but facebook won’t let me), but here is her page

PrtScr capture_16
And the many people who spoke out (pictures and names removed for safety and anonymity):

PrtScr capture_16
PrtScr capture_17
PrtScr capture_18
PrtScr capture_19
PrtScr capture_20
PrtScr capture_21
But Gotopless could not care less. As their fans left incredibly transphobic comments, gotopless did not bother to respond to people’s complains and did nothing to remove the horrible comments that were left, furthering misgendering Aiyden, as well as blatant transphobic insults and etc. Instead, their response made the whole situation even worse:

PrtScr capture_13
PrtScr capture
PrtScr capture_2
And on and on…

UPDATE: Later in the day GoTopless decided to remove the post, and along with it a very large amount of comments from Trans men. Trans women, genderfluid folks, allies etc to…put this back on instead:

Not only did Gotopless never release or express any sort of appology, this picture, with its text modifed, only serves as proof that Gotopless not only is transphobic, is willing to use Trans men’s bodies to throw them under the bus to benefit their own agenda, but that they do not care about all of the trans folks that attempted to educate them and explain why this wasn’t ok. Thei responce remains the same.

PrtScr capture 8

Yes, we indeed are all human, but as the wonderful Kat Blaque explainned in her video, our experiences are not the same, and throwing trans men under the bus, saying gender “isn’t important” or it is “beyond gender” yet clearly insinuating that this trans man above is somehow a woman, shows that we actually aren’t all in this together.

And of course, the transphobic comments continue to be allowed on the post.

PrtScr capture_8 (2)
PrtScr capture_3
But of course, they care and aren’t transphobic at all. As Kat said, this is lazy feminism if you can call that feminism at all.

Women in Gaming: 

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