ROOSH V – Clarifying the future events of February 6th 2016


I’d like to clarify 3 things about the whole Roosh V affair going on on the internet at the moment;

1) They are not “Rape rallies” “Rape events” “Pro-rape rallies” or events where men will meet to go and rape women. The meetings are basically Roosh V’s followers meeting offline, and publicly to make us all feel uncomfortable. Although disgusting, they are NOT rape rallies and organised mass raping events. I am tired of people spreading misinformation, causing mass hysteria, and making my fellow women feel scared for their safety.

2) I never have, do not, and will never encourage violence, and so, I will make it clear that I think that threatening him and his followers, planning to have “female boxers meet them” and the such isn’t only completely useless and potentially dangerous to women, allies, and the movement, it’s fucking stupid.

3) Stating these two points above & clarifying information DOES NOT equate to me defending these sickening poor excuses for human beings, and it DOES NOT mean I approve of them, and saying so, to me nonetheless, isn’t only fucking insulting, it’s sickening if you know ANYTHING about who I am.

– Aurelie Nix

‪#‎rooshv‬ ‪#‎aurelienix‬ ‪#‎awomanontheinternet‬.


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