Why I Won’t Criticize Beyonce For Appropriating Desi Culture

A different point of view of the whole Beyonce appropriating affair, very interesting. Thoughts?


Admittedly, I’m a Beyonce lover. As a black woman who’s followed her career since “No, No, No,” I’m proud of her success and feel like I was a part of her journey to superstardom. My love for her is not the fanatic obsession members of the Bey Hive share, though. I will never spend hours tweeting anyone who criticizes her or decry how anyone who’s not a fan of hers is a “hater.” I figure a woman who’s amassed a half-billion dollar fortune before her 35th birthday is probably unbothered by petty shots about her being overrated or about her latest fashion faux pas.

So when I read Beyonce was being dragged on Twitter over her new video — which is actually Cold Play’s video for the song “Hymn for the Weekend” featuring Beyonce — I figured it was the usual (her weave, her singing, her styling, etc.). When I…

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