Alan Rickman has died of Cancer, at age 69

Alan Rickman has died.


I was 13 when I began my journey reading Harry Potter, I remember vividly how deeply I lived through J.K. Rowling’s writing; loving and hating characters, and learning things about the world and about myself. Alan Rickman was the an actor that portrayed to absolute perfection what I’d imagined Severus Snape being like, in every way. Through both book and movie form, I will never forget the incredible range of emotions and lessons this character made me experience, and and all of those I had the chance to experience again through Alan Rickman’s absolutely perfect portrayal of an amazingly complex character and one of the best lessons of “never judge a book by it’s cover” Severus was.

I have never felt this way about a celebrity/actor’s death. Perhaps it is the child in me hurting at the passing of someone who was with me as I learned, laughed, cried and aged. Perhaps it is from the personal experience of having lost my mother to Cancer (the cause of Rickman’s death).

The reason(s) feels unimportant.

I cry for Alan Rickman’s family and friends, who lost someone they loved. I cry for every adult who feels torn and lost today as they reminisce of their own internal journey with Alan’s portrayal of Severus. I cry for all those children, now adults. I cry for my younger self, and for the future me who will never watch the Happy Potter movies the same way.

But first and foremost, I cry for a man who died so young, so soon, and who I’m sure had so much more left to do.

Alan Rickman was a wonderful actor who took so many children and adults on a wonderful journey, gone too soon, of a disease whose cure is incredibly way long overdue.

Raise your wands for Severus. Raise your wands for Alan Rickman, a true wizard.

“After all this time”


“Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Goodbye, professor.


Daniel Radcliffe’s tribute

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