For Steam users, Steam group: Women in Gaming


Created by Aurelie Nix, the woman behind ‘A woman on the internet’, Women in Gaming is a place where both women, men (cis, trans and everyone in between & out) and everyone else can come to talk about gaming where sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and discrimination is not welcome.

This also is a place where you can freely share your positive, as well as negative, personal (or not) experiences on Steam, as well as everywhere else on the internet.

Respect matters. Happy gaming!

“A woman on the internet is a blog & project containing compilations of personal experiences and anecdotes of what it is like being a woman on the internet.”

PrtScr capture99

Feel free to join, pass around, tell your friends about, or entirely ignore if this isn’t your cup or tea, would rather not, or perhaps if you aren’t a PC gamer or Steam user at all. Either way, much love to you!

Happy gaming!

Women in Gaming: 


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