A woman on the internet goes to Game On 2015, Women in Gaming

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A few days ago my partner and I went to the Montreal Science Center where the exposition Game On has been taken place. I had heard of the Women in Gaming event that was going to take place and after sharing my curiosity with him, he surprised me with tickets and on September 2nd, we went. I was already quite excited about Game On, as a gamer since my early youth, I have grown with them, and seen them grown along the years—I couldn’t wait to jump head first into remembrance.

The center, which is situated into the Old Port part of the city here in Montreal, is a complete pleasure to get to, considering how amazing the architecture is there, even after 24 years of living here in Montreal, I still don’t take those for granted.

We got there and it was surprisingly empty, there was a stand towards the Game On exhibit with a small group of people, mainly women, but with many men, surrounding it. I felt disappointment. Whatever it was that I had heard or read about the Women in Gaming event, I hadn’t expected it to only end up being about 6 women from Ubisoft Montreal there to…chat? Being one of those shy and introverted people, it was very clear that I wasn’t going to experience any of that Women in Gaming, because the aspect of having to approach complete stranger to talk about; what exactly? (I couldn’t think of anything right on the spot)

So, we headed to Game On. They were featuring a 100 games from Pong to games like Destiny. IMG_20150903_172221-1

When my eyes laid eyes on Soul Calibur, I had to take a go. Man, I miss my Dreamcast. I miss Soul Calibur. But I most definitively don’t miss Astaroth.

Quite a few games were either frozen, or completely turned off, which for an exposition that features a 100 games, to have something like 15 games unplayable was another letdown of the night. A lot of things though brought me right back into my childhood, Monkey Island, the first sims, Hey Pikachu!, Ocarina of Time and many other games, games I which I could all name.


All in all, Women in Gaming was a bit of a disappointment, I had hoped an actual exhibit, some sort of presentation, but Game On was fun. We went out to grab a bite at the 3 Brasseurs in the Old Port. (Oh yeah, that’s right)

IMG_20150903_020734And we right back to enjoy the 9PM game of 2015 Just Dance! on IMAX and although I was only brave enough for a single game, all in all, it was a fun night! Just thought I’d share it with all of you!

IMG_20150903_012912-1IMG_20150903_165146-1– Aurelie, a Woman on the Internet

2 thoughts on “A woman on the internet goes to Game On 2015, Women in Gaming

  1. All in all a good read.

    Although it was stated in the description what the intents of Women & Gaming was http://www.montrealsciencecentre.com/special-event/women-gaming-night

    If anyone can talk to you about Women & gaming it’s definitely Stephanie Harvey.
    She works in the industry, she shows a lot of passion when speaking about video games and she plays video games professionally, her experience is of a great magnitude, it’s too bad you didn’t talk to her.


    • As stated, I had some sort of idea of what was going on and I’m not sure why or what it is that I read, the disappointment came from my personal expectations of what would go down. It was my fault for not looking up the event and reading more about it.

      I wouldn’t have talked to anyone, to be honest, I’m too shy for that kind of last minute, public, official conversation!


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