The Female Gamer Experience

That was a very interesting read about another woman’s experience within the gaming community.

VG boundaries 2

I first realized I was a woman when I was thirteen.

Puberty was taking it’s toll on me: periods, breasts, body hair, the way my lips pouted and the way boys seem okay to me. Things started to change, but I thought I was the only one who was noticing these changes. I was wrong.

The men in my neighborhood started to call me “Mami” and “Mamicita” instead of my family nickname “Flaca.” My uncle walked with me everywhere with a stern eye and a puffed chest, to protect me from these calls. Men started to approach me, large and intimidating men that were twice, thrice my age but some family member would swoop in and berate them and threaten them and say “she’s too young!”

On the contrary, I grew up too fast.

So I found solace in video games. In what we could afford, I immersed myself in…

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