Women have prices? Les femmes ont des prix?

Parce que le ‪#‎sexisme‬ n’est pas exclusif au hommes.
Because ‪#‎sexism‬ isn’t restricted to men.


Women who perpetuate sexism towards other women as well as insult other women based on their outward appearances, personalities and more only cause themselves to perpetuate sexist towards every women, include themselves. Support the women around you!
Sorry for my non-french speaking audience, if desire, I could consider adding a translation aside.

Post reads: “Women who say “all the guys are after me” should remind themselves that low prices always attract more clients.”
‪#‎Meme‬” was posted on Québec Meme, where the comments are sometimes so filled with sexism that it is saddening. ‪#‎quebecmeme‬‪#‎quebec‬ ‪#‎yesallwomen‬ ‪#‎likeagirl‬

– Aurelie ‪#‎awomanontheinternet‬

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