A woman on the Internet:

“A woman on the internet is a blog that primarily focuses on the issues of sexism and online harassment that women face online as well as within the gaming industry. The blog contains personal experiences, opinions on every day sexism, as well as video game reviews from an Intersectional Feminism and avid female gamer’s point of view.

Created by 24 year old Canadian Aurelie Nix in 2015, the concept behind A woman on the Internet is to reach out to internet users and people within the gaming community and spark a conversation on every day sexism, harassment and oppression.

Getting in touch, whether for questions or to receive support for various reasons, is very welcomed.”

Aurelie Nix is a 24 years old woman based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Freelance Writer, Activist, and an Intersectional Feminist. She often works within the gaming community as a consultant as well as a video game tester, she has been an avid gamer since a very young age and is not new to the issues that come with being a part of the gaming community. As an Anti-Theism Atheist, Aurelie’s personal views on faith and organised religion often show in her feminist writing, although it is important to note that she keeps a good distance from the “new-Atheist” groups often made out of MRAs and other anti-feminists groups.

The most important aspect of ‘A woman on the internet’ is it’s Intersectionality approach. Aurelie takes very seriously the importance of taking in account people’s different experiences with discrimination through the racist, homophobia, transphobia, etc, they experience right along sexism.

The many stories shared here, from very various people, are always kept anonymous (unless asked not to), and anyone is welcome to share their own stories and experiences with Aurelie/A woman on the internet.

A woman on the internet will be Intersectional or it will be nothing.

Contact: aurelieweb.montreal@gmail.com
A woman on the Internet’s Facebook Page


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