A Woman on the Internet Reviews A Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn



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This episode begins with who we ended the previous one, Daenerys.

PrtScr capture_7
why are you such a brat?

It doesn’t take too long for Dany to, well, complain, as she seemingly always does, and so I am reminded of my dislike of her. She complains that Dragonstone doesn’t feel like home, and basically that shit isn’t what she expected, but then again most of what she was told of Westeros were either from books or her sneaky, creepy, asshole, rapey brother Viserys, so, I’m not sure where this weird leftover of naivety is coming from, and I’m over it, to be honest. For someone who finally landed where she has worked to be all her life, Dany’s arrival seems incredibly underwhelming to her, like she’s suddenly uninterested, or suddenly disappointed that the seven kingdoms haven’t fallen into her hands as soon as she landed. She, I know I am repeating myself, suddenly calls out Varys from his previous service to King Robert Baratheon, that he went from her father, the Mad King, to him, rather than dying, she calls it disloyalty, he calls it survival. This scene made me angry, it made me see Dany as an inexperienced, cold person who, in the end, doesn’t understand politics nor what it truly requires to survive. Her name has been her shield all her life, she has never had to climb the ladder of life, to hide behind others and build yourself up so survive, she has always had the option of putting herself first, the fact that she doesn’t understand why Varys would give his service to a king that cares about people, even mildly, rather than literally being burned to death, shows her incompetence, but also her utter lack of empathy for people who could stop supporting her if someone else can help them survive better. She demands blind allegiance, Varys wants a leader who cares, the scene remains one that makes me dislike Dany even more than I thought was possible.

PrtScr capture_6
how dare you choose life over death??

As a totally unsurprising move, Daenerys has a visitor that turns out to be Melisandre who, and that ended up really feeling like a lot of convenient bullshit, tells her of the tale of The Prince that was Promised, and it turns out that, TA-DA, the word for “prince” is a genderless term and could mean princess and Melisandre suddenly believes that it could be Dany. It’s silly but whatever keeps you in the game I guess, girl. She then tells Dany of John, of his success up there in the north which Tyrion backs up, and that she should invite him over because he’s cool and all. Daenerys us fine with the idea, but plans on asking Jon to Bend the Knee, I rolled my eyes. Tyrion knows that isn’t going to go very well, too.

PrtScr capture_8
miss me?

Right there we jump to Winterfall right as Jon & Sansa read the raven from Dragonstone with Daenerys’s invitation in it, written by Tyrion, proving it to be legitimate. Sansa talks fondly of Tyrion’s kindness and his non-rapey ways, which is nice I guess, but still thinks it’s a terrible and risky idea for Jon to accept the invitation considering the not so subtle threats in the raven, but Jon is considering it, and I’m on his side once again considering fucking ice zombies are on their goddamn way.

PrtScr capture_9
that dany girl sure sounds friendly

In King’s Landing, Cersei is giving a totally not threatening or desperate speech to the nobles of The Reach about how dangerous and cruel Danaerys and the Mad Kind are, everyone thinks is bullshit and are quick to remind her of Dany’s three full grown dragons. In a scene that I found more or less boring because Jaime bores me, Jaime tries to convince Lord Tarly to be his general, which he refuses considering his sworn oath to House Tyrell (why are you here, then, bro?) Jaime is unconvincing though, and although he promises that when the war is won he’d appoint Lord Tarly as Warden of the South, he really doesn’t seem to give a shit.

PrtScr capture_10
only time i’ll relate to a bunch of white men

Back with my boy Sam back in Oldtown, Archmaester Edrose is basically saying Jorah is a dead man and it’s a done deal. The Archmaester gives Jorah one more day until he is sent to live with The Stone Men, and although Sam proposes he writes to his family to say goodbye, Jorah explains that he doesn’t have anyone to write to. Mehhh.

Back in King’s Landing, Qyburn and Cersei are walking through the Red Keep so that he can show her his idea on how to deal with Daenerys’s dragons, a ballista. I saw it coming, but ok.

PrtScr capture_12

In The Chamber of the Painted Table, Yara, Olenna and Ellaria show the conversation to decide what their next move should be. They both advocate an attack on King’s Landing asap, but Tyrion disagrees, explaining that such a move would entail killing thousands of innocent people.They don’t give a shit, remind him that that is what war is, and Tyrion reminds Ellaria that murdering kids is fucked up but apparently she doesn’t mind. I’m actually incredibly surprised at how unbothered Dany seems to be at this revelation, considering she always seemed to be such an advocate for women and children, anti-slavery, compassion etc, but I guess kids being murdered is ok if the person that does it gets you closer to your throne. Mkay.

PrtScr capture_13
what’s the point of a council if you dont listen to any of them?

Olenna jumps in and reminds us all how crappy we all are with her awesomeness. She tells Daenerys that all of the nobles in Westeros are pieces of shit and that none will follow her because of the kindness of their hearts. There are a few comebacks that are delicious and it’s a shame that Dany has a council but decides to…not listen to the vast majority of the advice from people who actually live there, so she decides on some other plan we all know will probably fail because she’s a damn brat.

PrtScr capture_14
you plan on conquering westeros by asking nicely?

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Missandei goes to visit Grey Worm to say goodbye before he leaves for Casterly Rock for whatever Dany came up as an excuse for a plan. This scene was incredibly desired, and I know I can speak for a lot of people when I felt relief that this wasn’t yet another tease, that these two ridiculously underestimated character finally get to have a scene together again. Grey Worm explains how the Unsullied were not allowed to have fears, how they were abused to remove whatever weakness they may have, and that she is his. They kiss, and Missandei undresses, expressing her desire to lay with him. Although the fact that he was mutilated as part of becoming a slave/unsullied, causes him to pause her, he eventually allows her in, and their love scene, albeit short, is sweet, awkward, respectful, and shows that nothing stops Grey Worm from being a lover.

PrtScr capture_16
This was really nice, more please

We are ripped from this beautiful scene to go back to Sam in Oldtown who is being scolded by the Archaester because he wants to make sure if there truly isn’t any way to save or help Jorah. He’s told of how dangerous it is, of his inexperience, and that the only person who ever really tried to come up with something ended up dying. Apparently, that doesn’t stop Sam at all who decides that very night to attempt to save Jorah from dying from Greyscale by, well, cutting off all of the affected/infected skin. Which, seems really simple when you think about it. Jorah, obviously wanting to return to Dany, accepts, and we end up watching something oddly squeamish and hot. Maybe that’s just me.  

PrtScr capture_17
what’s your safe word?

We transition to Arya who made a stop and is getting some pie from Hot Pie. There, he tells her how surprised he is to see her there considering that things are all fine in Winterfell and her brother and sister are back home and running things. At first, she doesn’t believe him and I just have a hard time believing that she’s so behind on the news. Shouldn’t it be a big deal? I feel like she would know. Arya right here and there makes the decision, a decision we’ve all waited a number of seasons I forgot to keep track of, to finally go back home. I got heart palpitations.

PrtScr capture_19
go home babygiiiirl

In the meantime in Winterfell, Jon receives Sam’s raven about the Dragonglass at Dragonstone and it strengthens his decision to accept Daenerys’s invitation, especially considering that they need her help, dragons and all. Sansa reminds Jon of their grandfather and uncle’s murder at the hand of The Mad King, everyone backs Sansa’s words, telling Jon that they need him in the north. Jon continues to climb the ladder to my heart, explaining that the north will be fuck all if they lose the war to the others. Sansa accuses him of abandoning the north, their people, her, but he announces that he will be leaving the north in good hands, her hands, and Sansa stops, finally, it seems, feeling recognised as a Stark, as his equal.

PrtScr capture_20
now can you start trusting jon?

Oh yeah, and Littlefinger basically tells Jon that he’s into Sansa and Jon chokes him, which was the best.

PrtScr capture_21
dad would be proud

Nearby, Arya is making a pit stop and hears something approaching her. We finally get something I personally have been wanting since season 1 ended, a face to face with Nymeria, Arya’s now fully grown Direwolf, and her pack, which is something that we never got in the show while we book readers heard about the myth of a she-wolf multiple times in the books. Arya recognises Nymeria and Nymeria recognises Arya. She asks her to come back with her to Winterfell, but Nymeria merely walks away. There we get a little reminder of something said in season 1,”that’s not you” from a conversation Arya and Eddard, where Eddard tells Arya of the husband and children she would one day have, to which Arya said, “that’s not me”. I got some feels.

PrtScr capture_22
PrtScr capture_23
I’m not crying, you’re crying

We move to Yara and Ellaria where we get some unimportant and ridiculous scenes with the wannabe sand snakes, and then some lovely queerbaiting, right because they are attacked by Euron and his ex-machina fleet. I’m going to skip through most of this battle because, to be honest, it made me upset how much I knew this would happen the moment they attempted to show us what a matriarchy would be through the eyes of male writers, this weird girl power thing with absolutely nothing in it or to it. The Sand Snakes, supposedly badass female fighters, are murdered like little children by motherfucking Euron Greyjoy of all people with little to no effort. Just, nothing. It’s honestly embarrassing. Ellaria and Tyene are kidnapped, so is Yara who fights better than the Sand Snakes (??) but still loses terribly too, arg, motherfucking Euron Greyjoy. As usual, we’re told how badass their female characters are, but when the time arrives, they can’t fight for shit. Euron takes Yara in hostage, and Theon, knowing there is no way he can save anyone, decides to live and jumps ship. A lot of people online strongly criticized Theon for this, calling him a traitor, completely ignoring multiple elements such as the fact that leaving what the smartest decision Theon could have made as taking any step would have meant Yara’s death and his, or the fact that Theon still has severe PTSD from his months long torture, physical and mental, and his physical mutilation at the hand of Ramsay Bolton in the previous season. In that moment, Theon thought clearly and made the right choice. But, the whole battle was trash.

PrtScr capture_26
wtv, i dont care, nothing matters

7/10 – This episode was okay, but the way The Sand Snakes have been completely changed, ruined and then killed off really ruined this episode for me. The Sand Snakes, in the books, are the eight bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell, and incredibly feared female fighters in Dorne. Considering the very few characters of color we get in the show, it was a shame to see these characters be turned into naive, silly little girls who sometimes sort of fight ok, and then as usually turn their sexuality into weapons which isn’t cannon and quite frankly just isn’t original at all, especially if you’re going to kill them off so quickly and easily. Bah, that’s the note I’m ending on, hopefully, next episode makes me forget about this nonsense. Hopefully, Yara doesn’t die, I stopped caring about Ellaria.



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A Woman on the Internet Reviews The Monster Inside


A Woman on the Internet is an intersectional feminist community that focuses on conversations about sexism, racism. homophobia, transphobia, ableism and many other social issues. Created by Aurelie Nix, A Woman on the Internet also produces content such as Video Game & TV Show reviews from an intersectional feminist point of view. The community & blog are safe and all welcoming spaces, with a focus on ensuring the protection of women of colour & queer/trans folks. If you enjoy its content, consider supporting the space financially through a Patreon subscription or a donation through PayPal.

The Monster Inside, a game described as a “noir style audio-visual novella”, created by studio Random Seed Game, the indie game developer from Easter Iowa behind TIMEframe and Lacuna Passage, right off the bat lets you know that it will be a spectacular game from the vibe it gives you the second the title appears.


The Monster Inside follows the story of a man called Jack, an ex-police officer and struggling detective troubled by nightmares, rough nights and a mystery brought to him at his office by a young woman named Lilly. Right from the start, the game put me into a sort of trance with its enigmatic music (written by Clark Aboud) and it’s absolutely gorgeous style of visuals. Although a short game divided into short seven chapters, The Monster Inside ultimately is indeed an audio-visual novella rather than the detective game I sort of which it could have been, not due to a lack in the game itself, but rather because by the end of its 10 to 15 minutes of “gameplay”, I wanted to know more, more about the characters, about the story, its universe, I wanted to continue experiencing whatever feeling I was feeling, curiosity. Although short and limited, the game does offer you some gameplay/interaction through conversations and choosing what to reply or ask at times, whatever animation they decided to put in some scenes added a little something that felt just perfect, and I (sadly) clicked and read my way through the game and its story quickly, fascinated, curious, until I had reached its end.


10/10 – There’s not that much that I can add without giving some portion of the story away. But what I can say is that I highly recommend The Monster Inside. It is a quick read, a quick but fantastic experience with a little something-something I expected due to its striking visuals. I could feel that it was going to be something nice, and it was just that and some more. I can only hope that Random Seed Game gives us more of these types of game, perhaps a sequel for The Monster Inside, perhaps a series of similarly styled short audio-visual novella. A woman can only hope.


P.S: The 4 tracks of the game are available on soundcloud so make sure to check these out because the music was so very lovely. It can be found here: https://goo.gl/BYJz3x
The Monster Inside, currently available for free on:


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A Woman on the Internet Reviews A Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone



A Woman on the Internet is an intersectional feminist community that focuses on conversations about sexism, racism. homophobia, transphobia, ableism and many other social issues. Created by Aurelie Nix, A Woman on the Internet also produces content such as Video Game & TV Show reviews from an intersectional feminist point of view. The community & blog are safe and all welcoming spaces, with a focus on ensuring the protection of women of colour & queer/trans folks. If you enjoy its content, consider supporting the space financially through a Patreon subscription or a donation through PayPal.


And we’re back! Season 7! One more after this one and it’s done. We are beyond the books, who knows what’s going to happen now. I’m intrigued and also worried, but isn’t that what Game of Thrones has always done to us?

For this episode I do wish we hadn’t gotten a flashback of the previous season as it sort of ruins a little bit of the surprise to come, I wish they had done a simple cold opening, I wonder why they chose not to.

PrtScr capture

We continue where we left the previous season, sort of, with Walder Frey as The Twins. Walder Frey is being a piece of shit as usual until his speech turns sour and the entirety of his guests are murdered, poisoned by the wine that had been served. Walder removes his face a la Scooby-gang and it is revealed that Arya is the one responsible for that absolutely majestic slaughter. Although the flashback and, well, my memory sort of spoiled the surprise, I did have butterflies in my stomach and shivers as Arya said: “Tell them the north remembers. Tell them winter came for house Fray”. Finally, some satisfaction has given us through most probably the absolute best opening to any Game of Thrones episode so far.

PrtScr capture_3.jpg

We then move onto my fav Bran who is busy actually giving a shit about legit shit, the others, who are marching towards the wall with business right on schedule. I admit I was quite surprised to see Bran and Meera at gate of Castle Black, mostly because the previous season had ended with such a tragic end, but also because, well, everything was a mess and I just didn’t know where Meera was going, and how she could possibly make it to that wherever. The brothers doubt Bran’s identity and Bran lets Edd Tollett in on some information, as well as information about the others, they are let in and I’m nearly gagging over the prospect of a Bran & the other Starks reunion. Please just let them be a family again, my heart just can’t take it.


PrtScr capture_4

At Winterfell, Jon, now King in the North, is giving orders to his bannermen, including everyone as soon as possible, and absolutely everyone, including women and girls. My little heart tingled all over at that moment, as the men whine and complain, worry about their little girls, as Lyanna motherfucking Mormont lets them know that she isn’t going stand idle while men die, she will fight for a country that is just as hers as anyone.

PrtScr capture_5
shut the fuck up, old man

Jon and Sansa have a pretty public disagreement on what to do with the Umbers and KArstarks who has previously turned against the Starks and fought for the Boltons. Sansa wants to strip them of their title and homes while Jon reminds her that the people responsible for those decisions are dead, and the children should not pay for their parent’s mistakes. For what is most likely the first time, I disagree with Sansa and strongly agree with Jon. The children representing the Umbers and the Karstarks swear their loyalty, Sansa mopes around, Littlefingers creeps. In a moment of what seems to be momentary utter memory loss, Sansa tells Jon that his refusal to consider her opinion (which isn’t what he has done at all) is similar to Joffrey, something she takes back right away. Girl, you need to chill. They talk about the past, about their father and how they were raised, how she dislikes that Jon wants to protect her from things by not telling her all that is, how she dislikes not being as included in the decision making. Although I see where she is coming from, her perspective does not reflect reality, that is not what is happening.

PrtScr capture_6
girl you need to chill, listen to him for a sec and what is going on with ur wig (?!)

The conversation is ended by a raven from Cersei demanding that they bend the knee, Jon brushes it off, Sansa attempts to explain that Cersei is relentless, that she cannot be dismissed, that she will never stop, that nothing can get in the way, that vengeance is what she does. Jon asks Sansa if she admires her.


PrtScr capture_7.jpg
seriously though, cersei doesn’t fuck around, sansa has a point

Talking of Cersei, we jump to King’s Landing where Cersei is…having a map of Westeros painted and I just don’t understand why? Jaime attempts to talk about Tommen’s suicide, I’m sort of curious too, but she brushes it off. Her children are now dust and she cannot think or worry about dust. It’s cold, even for Cersei. They talk about Daenerys and where she could possibly land, Jaime demonstrates having brains that Cersei apparently totally lacks by going for…well for the pretty logical assumption, Dragonstone, Dany’s birthplace. Jaime tells Cersei the obvious, they are losing the war, they have no allies, people have her and she was never meant to be ginger so why is there so much red in her hair?! Why is Dany blonde?! Where are her silver locks, why are her eyebrows black, I am losing it and these are the questions that matter.

PrtScr capture_8.jpg
ok but like, why


Somehow Cersei thinks it’s a great idea to unite with the Greyjoy. Jaime thinks it’s a bullshit idea, so do I. Nasty fucking Euron Greyjoy arrives and just, does whatever Euron does, just vomit mouth diarrhea. He complains about his niece and nephew’s betrayal like he isn’t betrayal incarnated, he boasts about his fleet (and I have no idea how he built a fleet in what seems to be a few weeks, considering, they stole the fleet and there are no trees on Pyke??) Euron proposes his allegiance in exchange for Cersei’s hand in marriage, she says no, he’s not even bothered and simply promises to return with a gift that will change her mind. I need a shower.


PrtScr capture_10.jpg

We then get one of the most interesting few scenes out of Game of Thrones so far, a montage of Sam’s new and exciting life in the citadel of Oldtown, where his life mostly revolves around putting books away in the library, serving meals and emptying chamber pots. A lot of shit in those chamber pots. To be honest, that montage eventually grossed me out and I was glad when it was over, but kudos for doing something a little different in this 7th season. Sam is tired of his life, and I absolutely 100% get him after that nasty montage. He longingly stares at the restricted section of the library and I starting thinking about how bomb Harry Potter is. Sam asks his Archmaester about having access to that section of the library but is turned down due to his status as, well, not an archmaester. Sam talks of the Others and the archmaester surprises him by letting him know that he actually believes him as well as the night watch, yet, he does not believe that the wall would fall, or that their world would end. This is a great scene, we get some information about Westeros’s past, I wish Game of Thrones would do more scenes like this one, but oh well. That night, Sam decides to steal the key and enters the restricted section.

PrtScr capture_10

Back in Winterfell, Sansa is watching Brienne fight like the boss that she is. Tormund is also watching, and I continue to have mixed feelings about these two. Littlefinger approaches Sansa to do what Littlefinger does best, creep creepily. He attempts to questions Sansa’s safety at Winterfell, to which she replies that Brienne and Jon, her brother (I almost cried, I don’t know why) are there and that she is the safest here, with them. LIttlefinger then questions Sansa’s happiness, to which she replies that all she wishes is peace and quiet, interrupting him in his attempt to respond, that she’ll just assume it would be something clever. When Brienne comes to check on Sansa and ask what Littlefinger is still doing at Winterfell and what it is that he could possibly want, Sansa says that she knows what that thing is. I truly wish I knew what was going on in Sansa’s head. My heart is in shambles, stop making me question you, baby girl!

PrtScr capture_12.jpg
stop making every worry about you!!

Arya, who is on the road to someplace, decides to accept the invitation of random dudes who were sitting by, and have a snack with her because Westeros is totally the safest place and men are even safer companions to have at your side. Yes. Yes. Ed Sheran is there, twitter spoiled that for me and honestly, I don’t understand why I should care in the slightest, he stands out and so does his song, please just go north girl, you said you were going home! I watched the scene with a lot of tension. Oftentimes in Game of Thrones, when a woman reaches a high peak in power she may hold, the show makers decide to write a rape scene, even if it isn’t in the books, such as with Cersei, and then Sansa. I watched because the show does not give me safety, Arya has yet to have a rape scene, and Maisie Williams is now of legal age, so, I watch anxiously. The is no rape scene though, the talk nonchalantly and Maisie tells them that she is going to King’s Landing to kill the queen, they laugh, not believing, but we know this to be the truth.

PrtScr capture_13

We then move on to what was one of my favourite scene of the episode, which isn’t that surprising anymore as Sandor has become a fan’s favourite for a lot of the show’s fans. Sandor, still chilling & hanging with the Brotherhood without Banners, isn’t exactly down with Winter, remember, it’s finally here. They stop at an abandoned house for some rest where they find the remains of a man and a little girl, a man and a girl Sandor had encountered in the previous season with Arya, they deduct that the father killed his girl and himself afterwards, perhaps knowing that they were going to die of starvation anyway. Sandor is disturbed, and although he and Beric have an interesting conversation about whether or not there is any divine justice, Sandor is asked to look into the fire. Unconvinced, doubtful at first, Sandor eventually sees something. He sees a wall of ice, a castle, a mountain and then an army, the army of the Others. In the middle of the night, Sandor is found digging a grave through the snow in which to lay the Farmer and his daughter’s bones. It’s there that I realize how much he has changed, how far away The Hound is from this man.

PrtScr capture_14

We return one last time to Sam, still at the Citadel. Night after night he has gone through the bones he took from the restricted section, finding nothing, and finding even sleep. He eventually finds information about Dragonglass and learns that dragonglass can be found at Dragonstone, a mountain of it. He immediately writes a letter to Jon. In the morning, we suddenly briefly realize that, as Sam walks through the Sanitorium, Jorah is in one of the rooms. He reaches out to Sam and we see the advancement of his Greyscale.

The episode, unsurprisingly, ends with Daenerys landing to Westeros. It’s difficult not to breathe alongside her, not to feel the strong beating of your heart accelerating as the music plays and as Dany finally reaches the shore, sets foot, after 6 long seasons, and her entire life spent away from her birthplace, where so much history took place.

PrtScr capture_15

Although still not an active fan of Dany, this scene is a beautiful one, a dialogue-free one, nothing needs to be said, we watch as Dany walks towards the castle through the hundred of steps, through gate after gate, door after door, enormous status of dragons everywhere representing the undeniable history of her family line, of what she feels in her heart is hers.


PrtScr capture_16
I mean, this is really cool

At the entry of the throne room, she calmly rips off a Baratheon banner and enters, but rather than sitting on the throne as some would expect, Dany continues to enter the Chamber of the Painted Table, or the war room if you’d like, her only words being: “Shall we begin”. Yeah, ok, fine, I totally did get goosebumps.

PrtScr capture_17.jpg
alrighty then

9/10 – To be honest, although there is a mountain worth of things that I could criticize about Game of Thrones, this episode felt good, there was more than one scene that stood out to be as excellent, and I cannot wait for episode 2, which is always something I hope for, for the desire for more to come to me by the end of the episode. This annoying feeling of having to wait a week, wondering, especially knowing that we are well past the books, that, as a book reader, I can only guess, hope, assume, as of now. I know nothing.


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A Woman on the Internet Reviews The Lion’s Song Episode 3: Derivation



A Woman on the Internet is an intersectional feminist community that focuses on conversations about sexism, racism. homophobia, transphobia, ableism and many other social issues. Created by Aurelie Nix, A Woman on the Internet also produces content such as Video Game & TV Show reviews from an intersectional feminist point of view. The community & blog are safe and all welcoming spaces, with a focus on ensuring the protection of women of colour & queer/trans folks. If you enjoy its content, consider supporting the space financially through a Patreon subscription or a donation through PayPal.



Once in a while there are some games that add unexpected layers to their stories.


Although the subjects in The Lion’s Song: Derivation were interesting and important ones, I was ultimately distracted and touched by a demonstration of respect and a diversity of experiences that I, even if I have to repeat myself, was truly unexpected, but that I welcomed with very open arms.


In Derivation, we follow the Story of Emma, a mathematician, who, although when the story begins experiences a tragedy of her own, right away sets to enter a famous and respected club of fellow mathematician and like-minded thinkers. Due to being a woman, Emma is laughed at, her role and place as a woman are reminded to her and her capacity to think critically are doubted, if not denied altogether. Of course, following in the footsteps of interesting characters that The Lion’s Song’s studio Mi’pu’mi Games has given us thus far, Emma does not stop there. She decides to dress as a man and finish the equation the men have so far been unable to complete, to prove herself not only as a Mathematician but a Mathematician who also happens to be a woman.


But Emma’s struggle and inner turmoil do not solely revolve around her many attempts to enter the club, or to prove herself to who she sees as who should be her peers. She also struggles with her personal loss, her grief, and confusing feelings she experiences in regards to who she is, feelings triggered by her disguising herself as a man day after day, going by the name of Emil, a name that, depending on the game you play, she feels fits her just as well as Emma or maybe even more.


The identity of Emma as Non-binary isn’t simply hinted at, it is a core subject of the story, it is something always on the main of the main character and appears in many of the conversations that Emma has with people, something she either cannot hide or doesn’t feel like she has to hide. For the sake of truly respecting the character and ultimately non-binary folks in general, I will refer to Emma with They/Them for the rest of this review considering that, in my playthrough at least, Emma is as much Emma as they are Emil, neither male or female, or perhaps both, maybe simply sitting in the middle, or entirely out off the box.


I have asked the followers of A Woman on the internet, specifically non-binary/genderfluid/agender folks, how they would define or describe those “identities” (I put this in quotes since a lot of people don’t see it only as an identity but simply who they are). The general responses revolve around comfort and simply not sitting in either box marked “woman” or “man” but also not necessarily in the middle, some connect to femininity more on one day and the next day will feel some other way, some reject the notion of man or woman and simply exist as the human being that they are, however, the general person might want to define them.


In many instances though, such as the one that I saw while playing The Lion’s Song: Derivation, was that some people might connect more to one thing more than the other, such as Emma eventually ending the game as Emil, remaining dressed in a suit, and even though they have expressed comfort as either, Emma chooses to experience life as Emil, as this was the most comfortable way for them to be, the most genuine Emma/Emil. They are many things that I could say about Derivation. I could talk about the casual sexism that Emma experiences when not going about as Emil, but to be quite frank that is not the story that Derivation has left me to be haunted with.


That is not what I keep thinking about, what truly made me feel, what I’ve learned. There are already stories of women who experience casual racism and the struggles of cis white women in the 20th century, these are not stories entirely new. But Emma’s realization of their own identity as Emil, whether triggered by their loss or by having to dress “as a man” to have their intelligence recognized ultimately I am not sure this matters, Emma is Emil and Emil is Emma and maybe Emil is the truest self, maybe there are no selves truer than the other. What The Lion’s song had given us in this story is something I personally never experienced through another game, not in such a forward way.


So when I finished the game and an achievement popped up called “non-binary” with the description being: “Prove that there are many possible states and everything is in flux”
PrtScr capture

I smiled, and right here and there, studio Mi’pu’mi Games reminded me why I love video games.

10/10: in this third episode of The Lion’s Song, we thought we were given a story of 20th-century sexism and the beauty and art and mathematics, but instead, we experienced a beautiful story of a non-binary person finding themselves and ultimately, finding peace.


Available on: PC

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Big life change 10/07/2017


As some of you may already know due to my announcement on the AWOTI FB page earlier today, I lost my job today. I dont want to get into specifics since I dont want people to figure out who my employer was etc, but what I can say was that this is the result of a multitudes of breaks I’ve had to take recently (the trip to Morocco, being stuck in Paris for an extra 9 days, breaks I took when we moved place & the many times I couldnt do the work due to my unstable health). This creates a lot of changes and a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment as while I try to look for a new job, a job that fits my needs and limitations (I’ve been working from home for 5+ years) I don’t know how I will make it financially both in regardless to the basic things we all have to pay, rent, bills, necessities, but also all things relating to my health like medication and appointments with healthcare professionals. This is me asking for your help and support, both emotionally as well as financially, as I try to figure it out. Consider becoming a Patron to my Patreon, or donating to my PayPal to ensure that the page is kept up as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue if I am obligated to get a 9-5 job out of my house, and see how that affects my health, and how I used to live/freelance.


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A Woman on the Internet reviews Ma Vie de Courgette/My Life as a Zucchini {SPOILER FREE}

There is something about animated movies that connects with me, a connection that I rarely if ever experience with live action movies. It’s been my experience that when it comes to animated movies, Studio Ghibli is the best, no other studio compares, but when it comes to stopmotion, they are gems scattered across the world, gems you either have to look for, or find.

This Swiss and French movie, My Life as a Zucchini, is one of those gems.


We sat on our couch on a rainy and wet Saturday afternoon and popped in My Life as a Zucchini which we had rented a few days prior but had forgotten about, we knew nothing of the movie other than the fact that it was stopmotion, our emotions were scrambled like morning eggs mere seconds into the movie.

My Life as a Zucchini offers a type of story that both adults and kids can enjoy or relate to, although it is quite dark, even with it’s lighter moments here and there. It follows the story of Icare aka Courgette (or Zucchini if you watch it in english?) whose home life environment is abusive and who eventually after an event takes place, gets placed into an orphanage. The story follows Courgette, the emotions he experiences, his relationship with the other kids in the orphanage, and their daily life, until a new kid arrives, Camille. My Life as a Zucchini does a beautiful job of introducing us to a variety of children with a variety of issues, dark pasts, realistic and touching personalities. From hints of sexual abuse, to drug abuse, deportation, the movies offers a cast of children who, although adorable, are profoundly real and relatable.

Throughout the movie, the story and the music allows us to stick with it’s very melancholic and calming tone, the children’s voices, the glimmer in the puppet’s eyes, all of the moments of silence, you spend the entirety of the movie forgetting that these are puppets and not real life children attempting to heal each other’s wounds as well as their own.

10/10 – I cried so many times, sometimes from sadness, sometimes from happiness, and sometimes simply because I was so profoundly touched. I related too much, and when it came to things I could not relate to, I empathized in ways I only seem to do with these gems of animation.


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Morocco Trip Update 02/03/2017

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a game, a while since I’ve taken the time to sit down and properly write something, whether it be a review or an update. Over two months ago I created a fundraiser in order to get people to help me get to my grandmother in Morocco, after I was given the news that her health was declining even further, and after I was finally offered information I had been looking for for the past 6 years, like her location (ish, it’s hard to get the address of someone who lives out of the city, out of the grid, and who, well, doesn’t have an address). After two month, the original goal was reached and I was able to purchase tickets. Since then there’s been some complications, the cost of avoiding the U.S. as well as U.S. airspace for my safety, my miscalculation of our budget and how much I underestimated the cost of hotels and riads in Morocco (or is it particular to Rabat, I’m not sure). Since, I’ve raised the goal, but still, I am profoundly grateful to the people who donated, who 100% made this trip possible, who paid for my tickets and so much more, who did so much more than they can possibly understand.

I have been writing, not as much as I hoped for considering the amount of stressed that has claimed home atop of my shoulders, but I am writing. May is still over two months away, and so there is some times left for me to seek a place to stay (as well as start apartment hunting in my own city) and a mountain of others things such as insurances and medication I need to order, purchase and get a green light on in order to travel with overseas, two months is a good amount of time to wrap things up, and at the same time, I will be writing.

Btw yes, I’m still doing my whole hair in natural state challenge & it’s now been 2 months

As stated, the goal for the fundraiser has been raised and I invite anyone who hasn’t participated yet who still wishes to, to check it out. There is not much left but whatever has been amounted since will help pay for a place for me to stay, and for a lot of papers I’ve had to fill in and get in order to safely travel and be allowed back into Canada. Someone recently asked during my last Q&A what I would do in an instance where there is extra money from the fundraiser, and to be honest, I just want to take my grandmother out for lunch or supper, extra funds or not, as I am hyper aware that these 4 days and a half will be my very last with her.

If you want to participate, share, or anything else, here is the link to the fundraiser.

Much love, Aurelie.

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A Woman on the Internet Reviews MANDAGON



A Woman on the Internet is an intersectional feminist community that focuses on conversations about sexism, racism. homophobia, transphobia, ableism and many other social issues. Created by Aurelie Nix, A Woman on the Internet also produces content such as Video Game & TV Show reviews from an intersectional feminist point of view. The community & blog are safe and all welcoming spaces, with a focus on ensuring the protection of women of colour & queer/trans folks. If you enjoy its content, consider supporting the space financially through a Patreon subscription or a donation through PayPal.

Ahh the beauty of Indie games. 2016 has been an incredible year for me in terms of Indie games I have had the chance to find and play, both old and recent. The games I have played throughout 2016 had helped remind me time and time again of my passionate love for video games and my never ending search for the next story.

Although released in 2016, Mandagon was the indie game that started 2017 for me, and oh boy was it one hell of a beautiful game!


Created by developer Blind Sky Studios, a small UK games studio composed of four coffee loving people, Mandagon is a short and free indie, adventure and pixel styled game inspired by Tibetan theology and philosophy, in which the focus is Bardo, the Tibetan word or version for “Limbo”.

In Mandagon you play as a sort of statue or part of a totem, and you explore and climb a sort of temple, in which you are given samples of a story about a man, his daughter, and a choice. Although Mandagon is quite straightforward in its gameplay and purpose, a rather simple and not particularly challenging gameplay of hopping your way to the top and around to access the inside of a temple, the mystery of the story is what will give you the desire to keep hoping, to find out what is on the other side, and, ultimately, what will make you keep thinking about Mandagon even after you are finished with its story.

There are also two other elements of Mandagon that caught my attention and still has it, the aesthetic of the game and its soundtrack. Although simplistic at first glance, Mandagon is an incredibly gorgeous game in which I encourage you to stop at times and observe your surroundings. See how tapestries move with the wind, the birds flapping their winds, and every other sparkle of colour and detail that were a very welcomed surprised for a free game. The soundtrack of Mandagon was also a surprise. A single 22-minute composition seemingly designed for you to meditate your way through the universe, the story and the game, with themes of contemplation and sacrifice. Though available for free on steam at the moment, a digital art book, soundtrack and extras are available as a package for 4.43$ on steam, which I highly recommend not only because it’s awesome, but because I truly believe that Mandagon has too much to offer to be a free game.


In the hour or so that I spent in its universe, surrounded by its music and its themes or death, life, purpose and sacrifice, Mandagon gave me more than hours and hours long games have been giving me: it gave me an experience.


10/10 – Will purchase the art and OST package, and would purchase anytime if it means putting my money where it belongs, in the pocket of true artists.

Available on:
PC: here

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A Woman on the Internet starts a very personal fundraiser


Ahhh 2017, it’s only been, what, 2 weeks and a half and I’m already doing so much and flipping tables!

As some of you know, I’m on a hair rediscovery journey where I have stopped straightening my hair and attempting to learn my curly hair and battle all of this internalized racism I have been taught since childhood, it’s been wild!

But, also, I have been given some information that have led me to make the decision to ask my followers/readers for help.

“My name is Aurelie Nix, I am a freelance writer located in Montreal Canada, a queer, disabled, woman of color and what could be considered an “online activist”. I am the person behind the blog A Woman on the Internet, an intersectional feminist platform.

In 2010, on December 23, I received the news that my mother (my aunt, the woman who raised me, who lived her entire life sick with cancer) had died in the night from her cancer that had returned yet another time. I hadn’t been made aware that she was sick again, and the news were broken to me through an email. At that time, I was out out the country and unable to afford a flight to attend her funeral or say the goodbye that I should have been able to say to her in person, and it broke my heart and affected me in ways I simply cannot explain.In the years that have passed, I have never been able to return and I have never been able to talk to my grandmother, grieve with her, be with her, simply due to the fact that she lives on her farm, with an entire ocean separating up, with no internet or phone. Through the years, I have been told that she has given up on live since the death of her daughter, and it has broken my heart even further to not be able to be there with her or for her, to take care of her pain a little bit. Not only am I unable to talk to her, and unable to visit, I was never told there her farm is, and since being forced to cut off contact entirely with my family due to abuse, no one has ever been able nor willing to give me that information.

This is where the idea of this fundraising came up. A few nights ago, I received some information from an uncle bylaw that my mothers house, a house I had been told had been sold along with all of her belongings, actually hadn’t been sold and was currently abandoned. Futhermore, I was told that my grandmother was still alive, yes, but was very unwell. She doesn’t visit the city anymore, doesn’t talk to anyone at all, and that nobody really knows how long she has left, but things aren’t looking good at all. Although the information that I was given, I had been seeking for years, it only served to an added weight on my conscience, because time feels limited, and I still cannot afford to visit especially due to my health and my recent hospitalization.

It’s one thing to lose a parent, and it’s another to lose a parent unexpectedly, but it is an entirely different thing to lose a parent unexpectedly and never be able to see the places you used to go to, visit their house, relive the memories, or even visit their grave. If there is one way that I can describe it, is that it feels as if you’re not allowed to grieve at all. I long to see my grandmother, to cry with her, to miss my mother together, to learn about my grandmothers past and our identities as aboriginal Amazigh women, to be able to sit down and be with her before she is gone the way that I wasn’t able to be with my mother.

I’ve been encouraged by a lot of people from the A Woman on the Internet Facebook page, to make a fundraiser so that people could help. So that I could make the trip I have never been able to afford.The money goal of this fundraising would consists of a plane tickets for Rabat, Morocco for myself as well as for my partner (since I cannot and do not feel comfortable traveling alone with all of my health problems and without a companion), and a portion of the cost of staying at a hotel for 5-6 days since I do not know anyone there that I could stay with. The goal is an approximation as the price of place tickets vary, and since I’m frankly not exactly sure how much it would all cost. If this fundraiser makes this possible, I would be able to visit my mothers home, grave, my grandmothers farm, and be able to be in places and with a person that I should have been able to see years ago. It would make it possible for me to take pictures, relive memories and create new ones, bring to my grandmother pictures of me and my life, tell her about myself, and bring home some of my mothers belongings as well as pictures of her and my grandmother, all of which I do not have and long to have.”prtscr-capture_3

In less than 21 hours, 600$ was raised.

“600$ raised in 21 hours!! I am absolutely in awe at the support, kindness and generosity that I received since I started talking about my current situation and since creating this fundraiser! The goal I calculated is 3500$ and to think that 600$ was already raised in less than 24 hours, I’m absolutely amazed.”

And I am, absolutely amazed. I will continue to share news of the fundraiser and some of the personal things I have found out in 2016 and 2017, and the decisions I am making, the planning and all.

The fundraiser: here

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